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2018 Fall & Winter Service Menu


Calm + Correct Facial (60 min)$85
Soothe, restore and protect skin that is sensitive, fragile, inflamed or prone to redness. Fragrance & silicone free products containing prebiotics along with a specialized massage technique using pressure points will help calm your skin while also improving skin’s elasticity, hydration and equilibrium – encouraging long term health benefits and relief from future flare-ups.


Soothing Stone Manicure and Pedicure (60 min/75 min) $55/$80
This luxurious service will soothe your soul using our signature tranquility oil aromatherapy in an extended massage using techniques from our tranquility pro-sleep massage and warm stones that effortlessly glide over your arms and legs relieving muscle tension, encouraging circulation, reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels. These services are completed by using the finest combination of products from Comfort Zone Skincare, that will leave skin nourished and nails beautifully polished.


Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage (90 min)$110
Restore equilibrium through a unique sensory experience of sound, touch and aroma. A powerful ritual for calming the activity in your mind to achieve a genuine state of relaxation, using an indulgent blend of calming aromatic textures ideal for relieving anxiety and hypertension. The synergy of these unique elements will gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful state of body and mind that will favor sleep and help combat sleep disorders and the aging process. It’s recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or traveling to a new time zone.
Tranquil Escape (5 hrs 30 min)
Escape from the stress and cold this season and try our tranquil escape package, which allows you an opportunity to try all five of our new fall and winter services for the ultimate relaxation package that also includes a spa lunch. We’ll soothe and restore your skin with our calm and correct facial, gently relax you into a peaceful slumber with our tranquility pro-sleep massage, pamper you back awake with our soothing stone manicure and pedicure and prepare you to enter the world with our serenity blowout. You don’t want to miss out on these limited time services and as an added treat you’ll receive a free tranquility candle for you to extend your experience at home.


Serenity Blowout (60 min)$60
This calming blowout will provide relief for inflamed, itchy or sensitive scalps and will help ease the mind using our spa’s signature aromatherapy scent. We’ll gently cleanse and massage your scalp and hair, treat scalp sensitivities with a specialized soothing serum and your ends to a conditioning treatment. Completing the service with our long-lasting trademark blowout that will leave you feeling confident, relaxed and beautiful.

Davines hair and scalp home treatments are now available—ask us for details.