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2019 Spring & Summer Service Menu


Lash Lift + Tint Summer Deal$99
Shorten your beauty routine with these services that will allow you to swim, shower, and play with no fuss!
Lash Lift (30-45 min | lasts 6-8 weeks)$80
Enhance your lashes without the commitment of extensions with this safe and easy way to temporarily curl your lashes while also strengthening them with an ultra-hydrating keratin formula. You’ll save time, your eyelashes will appear longer, and if you pair with a tint – it’ll give the illusion of wearing mascara.
Brow + Last Tints (30 min | lasts 3-4 weeks)$18/$22
Tints add color and definition to your look and saves you time getting ready by eliminating the need for mascara or brow products.


Island Dream Manicure and Pedicure (60 min/75 min) $45/$70
Make summer last forever with these indulgent nail services. You'll be treated to a creamy, coconut milk soak with freshly squeezed oranges followed by a coconut sugar scrub. Next, a tingling tapioca rice/glycolic resurfacing mask will gently exfoliate to improve the skin's texture. Finally, melt away to your favorite vacay with an extended massage using our coconut cream shea butter. It's like having a pina colada without the calories!


Bamboo Bliss Massage (60 min)$85
Coconut oil and warm bamboo sticks are rolled evenly over muscles providing pressure to your personal level of comfort – blissful relaxation to therapeutic deep tissue. This 60 minute massage releases tension, increases lymph and blood circulation and promotes relaxation. The refreshing and healing aromatherapy of Young Living’s Lemongrass essential oil works to rejuvenate, stimulate and balance the body, all while promoting mental clarity and improved circulation. It’s a tropical getaway – without ever leaving the Midwest.


Demi-Permanent Color Treatmentfrom $35
This new Davines color treatment lays on top of your hair, allowing color to fade naturally and beautifully in 6-8 weeks (15-20 shampoos). This treatment is perfect if you want to try out color, blend gray, add shine or refresh your current look, while also protecting your hair from breakage and damage. Uses ingredients of 88-93% natural origin and is free of ammonia, parabens, silicones, sulfates, & PPD.

Davines hair and scalp home treatments are now available—ask us for details.