Massage & Body

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Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage30 min60 min90 min
Because your body’s needs change on a daily basis, our trained and licensed therapists will customize each treatment you receive specifically for your needs, leaving your muscles relaxed and your skin moisturized and nourished.
Deep Tissue Massage30 min60 min90 min
Specifically intended for those that like deeper massage techniques. Great for the special needs of athletes, this massage employs deep-penetrating manipulation of strategic muscle groups.
Mommy-To-Be Massage30 min60 min90 min
Customized to your stage of pregnancy, this massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieve discomfort. As with all things during pregnancy, check with your doctor before receiving a massage service.
Himalayan Salt Massage60 min90 min
Our therapists will use warm salt crystal stones to soothe away stress and muscle tension, and promote an increased sense of well-being. These unique stones have 84 minerals with grounding properties that help to improve sleep, balance the Central Nervous System and gently exfoliate the skin.
Bamboo Bliss Massage60 min
Warm bamboo sticks are rolled evenly over muscles providing pressure to your personal level of comfort – blissful relaxation to therapeutic deep tissue. Releases tension, increases lymph and blood circulation and promotes relaxation.
Chakra Massage60 min
Work out the kinks in both your body and mind with our new Chakra Massage. Let our citrus fresh essential oil blend lift your mood as your relaxing massage begins using a vitamin rich body oil that will instantly smooth and sooth your skin. Your technician will use healing crystals to aid in restoring balance throughout your body’s seven energy sources, called Chakras. This healing massage helps stimulate your immune system, relieve muscle tension, and unwind your mind. We'll gently wake you from your meditative state with the healing sounds of our Tibetan sound bowl.
Sinus Relief Massage30 min
Discover relief from sinus pressure and symptoms due to allergies or colds. This therapeutic and soothing massage uses lymphatic pressure point techniques and healing aromatherapy to alleviate your ailments. A soothing head and scalp massage finishes your service.
Seated Chair Massage10 min
A quick but relaxing massage of your head, neck, shoulders and upper back in our specifically designed anti-stress chair. A great addition right before or after your other salon services, and there’s no need to change clothes; no oils or lotions are used.
Journey for Two
Enjoy any of our spa treatments together, each with your own therapist in our room made just for two. (Great for couples and good friends.) Ask a reservationist for details and pricing.
NEW for Fall & Winter: Chai Warming Massage60 min
$81 (10% off!)
Limited time only - available through February 2024
You’ll love a latte our Chai Warming Massage! Your stress and muscle tension will melt away as our technicians massage your back, arms, hands, and legs with a sultry-sweet gingerbread body oil. You’ll be pampered with our feet warmers and heated pillows throughout your service. Your massage will finish with hot towels placed on your back that are steeped in a decadent butter brûlée milk soak to soothe your skin and comfort your senses!

Body Treatments

Firming & Toning Body Polish60 min
An anti-aging body polish removes dull skin cells to reveal firmer, younger-looking skin and improves elasticity and hydration.
Cupping Therapy30 min60 min
Cupping therapy uses special cups placed strategically on your skin to create suction to facilitate healing. This technique has a multitude of benefits including softening tight muscles and scar tissue, relieving inflammation, and draining toxins by opening your lymphatic pathways. This service does not include massage but add this service to any of our massages with no additional time for only $25. *Service limited to technicians with specialized study in this therapy.


Nourishing Paraffin DIp$12
Revitalizing Leg Treatment$15
Radiant Skin Body Polish$15
Silky Smooth Foot Treatment$15
Healing Himalayan Salt Stone$15
Cupping Therapy (select technicians only)$25

If you would like to create your own spa package or allow the recipient to do so, simply purchase a customized gift card in any denomination.

Please note: If you are late for an appointment by 15 minutes or more, we reserve the right to cancel or shorten your session. Our cancellation policy requires guests to cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment to avoid penalty. Guests who cancel within 24 hours of an appointment will be charged a cancellation fee. For more information, please view our cancellation policy.