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2022 Spring & Summer Service Menu

Available through August 2022


Hydration Bloom Anti-Aging Facial60 min.$95
Our relaxing, trademark facial is sweetened up with luxurious new products from Farmhouse Fresh. Our traditional welcoming ritual allows you to take a deep inhale of a beautifully scented essential oil blend that will alert your senses for the wonderful treatment to follow. A thorough cleansing, exfoliation and massage of your face and décolleté will prepare it to receive the healing serums during your facial. While the mask firms and tones, your technician will give some much-needed attention to your hands with a beautiful, anti-aging rose infused massage. Your face will be glowing and ready to receive another bouquet of roses...rose infused anti-aging serum and moisturizer, and of course, eye cream and sunscreen. Now, go take on the day beautiful! 
Run for the Roses Beard Facial60 min.$95
Our skincare experts have designed something brand new and very much needed for the gentlemen in our crowd. This deep cleaning facial uses a soft-but-effective facial brush to remove dry skin.  A relaxing beard shampoo is next and removed with warm towels. A final detox with a mask that is specially formulated for your skin's particular needs, clearing out the deepest of impurities. While the mask is doing its job, our technician will use a combination of massage techniques on your scalp and neck, to work out the stress of the day. The final steps include a light moisturizer for the skin and a conditioning beard treatment that will leave your beard soft, manageable, and smelling fresh.


Rose’ All Day Manicure and PedicureMani (45 min) - $37Pedi (60 min) - $65
Celebrate sunshine, longer days and warm weather with our rose-themed manicure and pedicure treatments. After a warm soak, a whipped honey, fine grain salt scrub is expertly applied and smoothed onto hands and arms (or feet and legs).  Your hands and feet will be treated to a botanical oil serum infused with vitamins C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 7 & 9 fatty acids, and organic rose hydrosol – making cracked heels and dried out cuticles disappear.  As always, after a relaxing massage, your nails and cuticles will be clipped, filed, and your favorite OPI polish applied leaving you ready for a glass of Rose’ with friends.
Rose to the Rescue Anti-aging Hand Treatment15 min.$15
Our hands show our age before our faces ever do, so give this treatment a chance to make your hands look and feel years younger.  It begins exfoliation followed by a soothing hand massage with a powerhouse botanical oil serum for a mega hydration boost, followed by a massage using an anti-aging whipped mousse with soft floral notes of tea rose and geranium. This is the perfect enhancement to add to any service.


Sweet and Soothing Anti-Aging Body Treatment60 min.$99
We have the perfect body treatment that will leave your skin glowing and ready for summer. We’ll begin your voyage into this luxurious treatment with a light massage, while applying a fine exfoliating scrub to arms, legs, back, stomach and décolleté. Next, you will be covered with a hydrating and detoxifying mask, then wrapped so the products can do their magic while your hands are treated to our Rose to The Rescue anti-aging hand treatment. After you are unwrapped and the mask removed with hot towels, a light layer of Rose Serum will be applied to the entire body, followed by a massage with a marshmallow-like cream that’s filled with age-fighting ingredients – leaving your skin feeling oh-so-soft.


Luster Love Shine Treatment for Hair$20
Does your hair need a beautiful boost of instant high shine that has a smooth, weightless finish?  Treat yourself to this express shine treatment that is suitable for all hair types.  Applied to wet hair after shampooing, Oi Liquid Luster, new from Davines, delivers an instant illuminating effect and a smooth finish with no processing time.  Followed by your favorite Davines conditioner or hair mask, you will see an immediate cosmetic result that will truly dazzle you.  Add this on to your next service or take it with you to try at home.