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2021 Spring & Summer Service Menu


Urban Detox Facial60 min.$90
The perfect facial for those that thrive in the city but want to keep their skin looking healthy and youthful in today’s ever-changing times. This facial will allow you to slow down and enjoy the relaxing benefits of our signature facial massage coupled with the Detox Mask and Longevity Complex, an exclusive mix of organic superfood extract that counters the effects and aging accelerators from stress and pollution, leaving all skin types glowing, clearer and with a brighter complexion.


Wine Down Manicure and PedicureMani (40 min) - $35Pedi (40 min) - $58
Find yourself in wine country and allow yourself to be revitalized with these intoxicating nail services. Begin with a whipped honey sea salt scrub, uniquely formulated to ensure radiant-looking skin. Pour another glass and enjoy the super antioxidant wine infused serum with a splash of lavender and hibiscus mineral oils infused into your towels for a twist. As skin sips away at the cocktail of super fruits, vegetable compounds and winery grape extracts, your rough skin will slip away as well. Your nail service will conclude with your nails perfectly polished and a Honey-Magnolia oil massage leaving your hands and feet soft and sweetly fragrant.


Vitamin Sea Body Treatment60 min.$95
Slip away to memories of the beach as you’re cocooned into a comforting coconut milk wrap with soft notes of lime. Next, polish off your troubles – along with dry skin – in a silky rice bran oil and sea salt scrub that will captivate your senses, as a light citrus aroma engulfs you. Your treatment concludes with a citrine beach body lotion combined with a few tanning drops to give you a natural beach kissed look and a massage so tranquil you’ll hear waves in the distance.
Happy Camper Foot and Leg Massage30 min.$53
A recovery massage for your feet and legs that’s well deserved – especially after summer hikes and sporting activities. Breathe deeply in and out as a rejuvenating blue matcha/CBD blend body balm provides relief to tired muscles and dry, chapped skin. Cool stones are used in this foot and leg massage to help wake up and revive muscles – letting you get back to your next adventure. A 10-minute version can be added-on on to your regular massage for only $15.


Gold Coast Hair Treatment for Blondes45 min.$52
Take a trip to discover where your blonde hair needs to go to look and feel its best. This treatment uses Davines’ newest blonde hair care line and begins by gently cleansing and clarifying your strands, using natural pigments to balance any unwanted tones while enhancing and illuminating both cool and warm blondes. Next, an intense conditioning treatment is applied that both strengthens and repairs hair fibers and helps prevent breakage. Finally, a heat protective glaze provides hydration and shine with the added benefit of UV protection so you can enjoy your time in the sun.