Pro Tips

So, what’s a chemical peel anyways?

So, what’s a chemical peel anyways? Tyler Mason Salon Spa’s lead Esthetician, Lori Rundle, answers some of our guests’ questions about chemical peels. Why would I need a chemical peel? Peels are an effective tool to address aging skin problems such as fine lines, poor texture or enlarged pores, as well as acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation… Read more »


Your Beauty Guide to the Holidays

The festivities have started… you’re already rockin’ around the Christmas tree, staging elves on shelves and jingling all. the. way. Less than three weeks until Christmas and it is crunch time.  And if you celebrate Hannukah, well then your holiday has already begun, and it’s really now or never. What we’re trying to say is that… Read more »


Our take on the gift card debate

They catch a lot of criticism, and we just don’t get it. What’s not to love? The most cited flaw is likely, “They aren’t personal enough.” But we don’t buy that! You know dad loves to shop for tools and gadgets, so you get him a gift card to Menards and not Michaels. Your best… Read more »